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Looking at numbers of male athletes that have been cut, or looking at numbers of teams that have been cut, does not give a realization of what is actually going on. Stephen Neal was a world champion wrestler and also captain of his wrestling team at California State University- Bakersfield (Hlinak, Supreme Court Considering Whether to Hear title IX Retaliation Case). This all suddenly stopped when the school cut the team. It was not an issue of money, or equipment, and obviously, if Neal was a world champion wrestler, it wasn’t an issue of ability. It was just a simple issue of the school having too many male athletes. It wasn’t even entirely the schools decision, more it was a federal law decision. Athletes all across America are being hurt by the prejudice of insane feminist.

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Several hundred college wrestlingteams have vanished since Title IX went into effect in 1972, even thoughamateur wrestling is among the 6 most popular sports in terms of participationat the high school level.

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Since Title IX’s inception in 1972 there is no question that the legislation has considerably advanced women’s intercollegiate athletics. Title IX of the education amendment of 1972 was designed and established as an anti-discrimination measure guaranteeing that no one would be excluded from federally assisted programs and activities regardless of gender.

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Department of Education on behalfof alumni from many universities now lacking wrestling programs? Title IX's a good law but its surprising "proportionality"application during recent years has destroyed many wrestling teams withOUTreally boosting athletic opportunities for women.

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Moving along, the disproportionate damage thatTitle IX has caused to men's athletics is remarkable, asthe demonstrates. Indeed, as stated by Clay McEldowney, formerchairperson of the Friends of Princeton Wrestling organization, the NCAAreleased a of 742 NCAA schools revealing thatfrom 1992 until April of ´97, such schools have gained 5,009 femalevarsity athletes while having simultaneously 17,009 male ones.

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Perhaps thiswas the victory that wrestling needed, even if our sport's recent Title IXvictory is being kept rather quiet for politically pragmatic reasons priorto the 2004 elections?

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In the 2000 Olympics in Australia there was an interesting development that came to pass. For the first time since 1968, the USA freestyle wrestlers failed to win a single gold medal (Coulter, Title IX Defeats Male Athletes). This is an apparent connection between college wrestling teams being cut and the U.S. not performing as it has in the past. Is this really what America wanted, to give up the glory of winning in front of the world, for women to have a few more sports that are put to an end after college? There remain only three professional leagues for women, the WNBA (basketball), LPGA (golf), and tennis. There was a soccer league called WUSA, however, it failed to generate enough money in its third season and became extinct. It wasn’t that men put an end to the WUSA; it was that fans didn’t want to watch anymore. It is men’s sports that suffer through this, while more and more money gets drained into women’s sports that are not producing. The WNBA has lost money every year since it debuted. As of today, the league survives solely by the media support of the NBA.

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Five institutions, includingUtah Valley State College in NCAA Division I, will start wrestling programsnext season."
The College Sports Council is suing theGeneral Accounting Office for reporting Title IX damage to men's athleticsin a very misleading, minimalistic manner.