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95. Flex leave is where an employee works less than their Ordinary Hours on any given day and is not on any other form of leave. An employee may use up to the equivalent of five days flex credits in a Settlement Period. Flex leave requires prior approval from the employee's manager, and reasonable notice is required.

91. All hours worked by an employee must be recorded in the manner stipulated by the Agency.
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113. Where the Chief Executive requires an employee to resume or continue work without having had a minimum break, the employee will be paid at double the hourly rate for the hours worked, until he or she has had an eight hour break.

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98. For further information on Flex Time, refer to the Safe Work Australia Working Arrangements .
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80. Employees who work part-time can agree to work outside their agreed hours and pattern of work. With the exception of Executive Level employees, in such instances part-time employees will be entitled to Flex Time or Overtime rates, when work is directed outside their agreed hours. Executive Level employees (or equivalent) have access to time-off-in-lieu (TOIL) provisions.

In addition, the standard working week in Australia is 38.5 hours.

84. Employees are not required to attend for duty during the Christmas Closedown, unless directed otherwise by the Chief Executive . Employees will be provided with time off for the Christmas Closedown with no deduction from leave credits and will be paid in accordance with their Ordinary Hours of work.

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78. A part-time employee is an employee whose Ordinary Hours are less than 150 hours in a Settlement Period. Employees are required to work at least three hours on any agreed working day.

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94. A flex debit occurs when the employee works less time than their Ordinary Hours. A maximum of 22.5 hours flex debit can be accumulated and carried over to the next Settlement Period. Any flex debit will be deducted from a person’s final monies if they cease to work for the Agency in accordance with the Agency's Accountable Authority Instructions.

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75. Employees must take a meal break of at least 30 minutes after five continuous hours of work. The maximum number of hours to be worked in a day is ten hours, unless the employee is directed to work overtime beyond ten hours.

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101. Where a period of overtime is not continuous with the employee's Ordinary Hours, the base period of overtime payment for such work will be calculated as if the employee had worked for four hours. When determining whether a period is continuous with Ordinary Hours, meal breaks should not be regarded as breaking continuity.