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To improve the quality of services they provide, I & A officers may need to beprovided basic texts on workers' compensation law, ongoing updates regarding case law, andmore frequent opportunities to meet and exchange materials and ideas. I & A servicesmay also need to be improved by establishing online access to other DWC records showingthe status of individual claims. Online access mightgreatly improve the services that the I & A Unit can provide to injured workers. Itcould, for example, reduce the time I & A officers spend learning about theparticulars of a claim and help officers coordinate their services when workers contactmultiple I & A offices.

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This project, however, does not purport to describe theprevalence among injured workers in California of the themes, issues, and concernsexpressed in the focus groups, nor does it describe from first-hand observation theservices provided to injured workers. The extent that the participants' views representthose of all injured workers in California is necessarily limited by the types of casesthat were entered into the WCAB database. For example, it is possible that the databasecontains proportionately more workers with earlier dates of injury and proportionatelymore workers with injuries serious enough to cause permanent disability than among allclaimants whose cases were open as of January 1, 1993. (Workers with medical-only claimsor temporary-disability-only claims are not in the database.) Also, with respect to windowcases where the opening document was an Application, it is possible that the databasecontains proportionately more cases involving disputes between parties than the entirepopulation of claimants who were occupationally injured in the window period. (This,however, may not be true with respect to pre-window or post-window cases, where the filingof an Application did not necessarily mean the worker was requesting a hearing over adisputed matter.)

Navigating the California Workers' Compensation System:

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This two-year program also incorporates projects and assignments to ensure candidates receive an overall view of company operations.Qualified candidates should have:Undergraduate degree (business preferred) with a cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 3.3)
Demonstrated quantitative skills
Ambitious and dedicated personality traits
The ability to work well with others
Personal Lines Underwriter
Qualified candidates for the personal lines underwriter positions must have these skills:The ability to analyze accounts, establish premium charges and assist agents in problem resolution
4-year degree or equivalent work experience as an underwriter
Prior experience in management is preferred
PC literacy is a plus
Strong communication and customer service skills are important
Insurance Counselor, Customer Service Qualified candidates must be able to:Obtain information by telephone from current policyholders regarding insurance or service needs
Enter data in the computer system
Provide information by telephone regarding company products and services
Document service requests and update policy files via company computer system
Build company’s customer database and maintain customer satisfaction through efficient and courteous service