Why do people try to get the Glory that belongs to God?

The power of the spoken word was unquestioned by most primitive people, especially if the person speaking the spell, hex or curse was well known to be versed in the art of magic. If the medicine man or woman used an unknown language, the belief in the power of the words was even greater. The practice of using a spell or making a curse with a forceful display of energy was well known in medieval times. A person under a curse or spell was believed to be powerless over his own will, to be living but moving and acting as if in a trance. Death was the ultimate of all curses.

O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths
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Over the centuries, spells were created into established formulas. As they proved effective, they remained and were written down for future use. In Ancient Egypt not only were the spells well formulated, but the tone of voice was also prescribed along with the exacting recipe. Those versed in the art of the occult will concede that the power of a spell remains in force until such time as the energy of the spell is neutralized.

These powers are the worst thing to ever happen to him.

The words we think or speak go out into the air and they have power to do good or evil.
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She also raised bemoaning her fate to an art form few since have matched, deciding that if she couldn't be beautiful anymore, she'd stay in the spot she was transformed for the rest of her life, devouring anyone who came near. Having around six wild dogs attached to her may explain the whole 'devouring people' deal.

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The Phazon corruption of Samus herself in , on the other hand, has both ups and downs, in that she can use it to enter the very powerful , which and can lead to if not managed well.

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She feels that she's been at first, but as she meets other Gifted and is given their power for her unique class (Heritor), she comes to realize it's not so bad after all—which allows her to release her own Gift—"the power of life, in all its forms and splendor".

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Wheedle has long since passed on from Nirn, but his name is legendary as the Beggar Prince, his exploits chronicled in books, and to this day it is oft said that if you want to know anything about anyone, you need only ask the beggars, as they know all the little secrets of the people and their lives.

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He simultaneously became ignored by all, and the people said things around Wheedle that they wouldn't dare say with anyone else in earshot, and soon Wheedle also knew all the closest secrets of all of Tamriel's most powerful citizens.

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After he begged her for power and patronage for a whole month, she laughed at the irony of his situation, and gave him three "blessings": disease, pity, and disregard.