"Ancient Greek Women in Athens." Ancient Greek Women in Athens.

Notably, honored all those who have had the courage to speak up about abuse in the past and promised that “a new day is on the horizon.” These women shifted the night from a typical awards show to a powerful part of the movement toward gender and sexual equality.

This presents a negative feeling towards independent women, even if she is motherly.

As a woman, Wilson believes she comes to the Odyssey with a different perspective than translators who have gone before her. “Female translators often stand at a critical distance when approaching authors who are not only male, but also deeply embedded in a canon that has for many centuries been imagined as belonging to men,” she wrote in a recent essay at . She called translating Homer as a woman an experience of “intimate alienation.”

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She is not independent of her son, Odysseus, much like Penelope isn't either.

Oh yes, on top of being bitches, women can also be bitchy, which basically means being 'malicious or snide.' This word is usually associated women in powerful positions, like a female boss or CEO. Men? Nah, He's the boss, he has an excuse for being mean. #doublestandards

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Gender Roles
The Roles of Women in
The Odyssey

Motherly Figures
Penelope: She's the wife of Odysseus and mother to Telemachus.

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The Odyssey
has many female characters, including Athena, Penelope, and a whole slew of monsters.
The problem comes with the fact that no two women speak to each other about anything other than a man.

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There are:
Motherly Figures
Temptresses/Impure Women

The Odyssey and the Bechdel Test
The Bechdel test has three questions to it:
Are there at least two named women in the piece?
Do these women speak to each other?
Do they talk about a subject that does not involve a male?

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Think about what you have to lose (very little unless you make a habit of assaulting people) compared to what others might stand to lose because of your words. If you are worried about your words being harmful or actions being inappropriate, ask someone! Engage in the conversation! Listen to the women who are telling you how they would like to be treated.