These apparitions suck Macbeth deeper into the witches' confidence.

One eminent modern literary critic, Terry Eagleton, has addressed the issue of the witches as heroines directly: To any unprejudiced reader--which would seem to exclude Shakespeare himself, his contemporary audiences and almost all literary critics--it is surely clear that positive value in Macbeth lies with the three witches....

In the play the witches plant ideas into Macbeth’s head, which affects his inner soul....
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This may be why he chose to make the witches the catalyst of the evil events that occur in the play.
They lead Macbeth into evil deeds but also trick him into feeling invincible

In Shakespeare's day, many people believed in witches and prophecies.

Shakespeare uses dramatic methods to display the witches in Act 1 scene 3.
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King James showed a great interest in witches and powers of the supernatural and Macbeth was arguably written to impress the king in what were violent times.

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The supernatural element underpins the tragedy - if the witches hadn't made their prophesies to Macbeth then Macbeth wouldn't have killed Duncan, nor would he have ordered the death of Banquo.

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This theme is first introduced in Act 1, Scene 1 where the witches foretell the struggle between the forces of good and evil in which Macbeth is to be involved....

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In the play, the supernatural occurs: witchesí appearance throughout the story, the strange behavior of Macbeth after the murderer of King Duncan, the situation of nature in Scotland, appearance of Banquoís ghost and imagination of dagger which was flying in the air....

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There are those blatant lies that have no truth in them whatsoever, lies of omission, and half-truths. In the Shakespearean play, Macbeth, evil witches deceive their victim, Macbeth, by telling him half-truths about his prophecies. As a result of this new "half-true" knowledge, Macbeth makes rash decisions that lead him to paranoia, grief, and eventually his downfall....

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In Shakespeare’s day, the thought of the witches scared people as they thought that they had witches living among them, casting spells on them and trying to do them harm.

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Shakespeare interpreted the supernatural as witches, magic, unnatural and evil and he expressed his beliefs in the play, “Macbeth” very clearly, as he portrayed the three deformed women with control over the weather and the ability to predict the future.