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This new publication by journalists Roger Thurow and Scott Kilman explores why more than a billion people suffer from hunger at the dawn of the 21st century, even though we have the tools and knowledge to end hunger worldwide. For anyone who cares about the issue of hunger, Enough is essential reading.

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Shipwrecked sadly doesn’t do anything to fix some of the structural problems Don’t Starve has always suffered from. After a great run comes to an end, it feels onerous to have to slog through the early hours of busywork required to construct an even half-decent homestead. Also, the variation between a new world in which vital resources are initially spawned nearby and one in which you struggle to find anything useful feels way too wide. Perhaps the world-building algorithm can be tweaked so the initial RNG doesn’t have quite such a big impact. Or maybe that would reduce the thrill of discovery.

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After the hurricanes comes Monsoon Season. Here the land will get progressively more flooded, potentially waterlogging your vital crafting machines. (Semi-pro tip: craft a early because the flames will stay sheltered from wind and rain.) Making matters worse—in Don’t Starve, it’s always worse—poisonous mosquitoes begin to spawn in flooded areas. Getting poisoned, which can also happen from snake and spider bites, results in a swift, panicky death unless you’ve crafted some anti-venom. Unfortunately, to craft anti-venom you first need to kill one of the poisonous critters, ideally before it kills you, and hope it drops a venom gland. The mechanic is a source of complaint in the community and also on the balance to-do list.

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The stat is a variation on another, used seven years ago in the Make Poverty History campaign - when a host of celebrities from the world of music, cinema and fashion at regular intervals. Then the message was that a child dies unnecessarily as a result of extreme poverty every three seconds.

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Whilst sailing you’ll discover coral reefs, which can be mined and then turned into limestone, plus jellyfish and seaweed to cook back in your crock pot. In about half a dozen playthroughs I’ve only been attacked once on water, which was by a that I evaded easily enough after the initial ohshitohshit reaction. I suspect my relative safety so far is because the Tiger Shark boss has yet to be implemented. When that thing is prowling the waters, weaponising your boat with cannons will likely become a more pressing concern. Boats can also be equipped with trawl nets that will scoop up fish, mussels, useless junk, and—if you’re lucky—rare items depending on what season you’re in.