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As Parsons used the term "internalization," it referred to thetendency for individuals to accept particular values and norms and to conformto them in their conduct. Dennis Wrong (1961) deplored this view ofinternalization as being an ""conception of human beings. It left no room for the "animal" orbiological side of human existence, where motivational drives might conflictwith the discipline of internalized social norms. Functionalists deny thepresence in humans "of motivational forces bucking against the hold thatsocial discipline has over them" (Wrong, 1961, p. 187). Individual drivesdo sometimes conflict with social expectations, however. For example, a commontheme in movies and TV is that of married people becoming involved in sexualrelationships with persons other than their spouses. They they arenot supposed to have an affair, but they do so anyway.

It is seen as a notable success within the fields of sociology and sociology of science.

He cites Max Weber in arguing that one of sociology's most important goals is to uncover what Weber called "inconvenient facts." Peter Berger (in Barkan, 1997:6) contends "sociology refuses to accept official interpretations of society." Often official interpretations are filled with propaganda.

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All of these topics stress how important sociology is today, and how much of a difference it makes in the understanding of different societies....

Sociology, 'the study of the process of companionship';(pg.396, Ambercrombie,Hill,Turner), is a discipline, which is not exclusively independent in and of its self, yet borrows from many other disciplines such as: history, geography, and anthropology.

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Sociology does not claim to be a potentially all-inclusive and all-sufficing science of society which might absorb the more specialized social sciences. The late origin of sociology does not mean that its standing as compared with other social sciences is very weak. Its scope has been clearly demarcated right from the early days.

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Its concepts, terms, typologies and generalizations leading to theories, emerged from the very beginning. Moreover, there are striking similarities between sociology and other social sciences: man as a principal ingredient of their subject matters, applications of some methodological tools like observation, comparative method, casual explanations, testing and modification of hypothesis etc.

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When so much is common to sociology on the one hand and the other social sciences it is understandable that there is some amount of commonness in the studies as well as mutual borrowings in the form of data, methods, approaches, concepts and even vocabulary.

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In brief, sociology is a distinct social science, but it is not an isolated social science as the current trends indicate that every social science is depending more and more on inter-disciplinary approach, that is, historians and sociologists, for example, might even work together in curricular and search projects which would have been scarcely conceivable prior to about 1945, when each social science tendered to follow the course that emerged in the 19th century; to be confined to a single, distinguishable, though artificial, area of social reality.

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Sociologists possess a quality of mind that helps them to use scientific knowledge and logical reasoning in order to develop understandings of what is going on in the world.