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To be sure, there are quotes from Franklin outside of this time frame that do not represent doctrinal Christianity. Some of them were due to problems with the Presbyterian points of view under which he had been raised. He vacillated back-and-forth, and at certain points in time he was definitely out of the fold, but during this period he was a professing believer. I have not seen any quotes from within the founding period that indicate anything anti-Christian. What would a judge assessing the preponderance of evidence in a court of law say?

However, hisworks do reveal that Benjamin Franklin was not ignorant about slavery.

George Washingtondid not want to encourage immigration and certainly did not want to seeconcentrated geographic settlement of any one group because he thought thiswould lead to the preservation of separate values.

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One report has Washington (who was reportedly beaming with pride when Franklin made his speech) leading most of the Convention delegates to a church, where James Campbell preached a sermon trusting in the wisdom of the delegates to establish a “free and vigorous government.”

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In 1782, as the Revolutionary War was approaching its end, Ben Franklin, John Jay and John Adams were sent to France to attempt to secure terms of peace with England. Three documents were drafted in succession: Preliminary Articles of Peace, Provisional Articles of Peace and The Treaty of Paris, all of which had clear Christian references. The 1783 Treaty of Paris, for example, begins with the following words (emphases mine):

Ben Franklin, by this account, was no deist.

Another Deist that had interesting thoughts on death was Benjamin Franklin. One quote of Franklin's was, "Take courage mortal, death cannot banish you from the universe."

Even though Franklin was a Deist…

The very fact that our founding father, Benjamin Franklin,wanted his slaves to be set free reminds us that he was indeed not swayed awayfrom his libertarian values.

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A priest going the round of his parish on Saturday before Easter, sprinkling holy water in the houses as was his custom, came to a painter's room and there sprinkled the water upon some of his pictures. The painter, turning round somewhat annoyed, asked him why this sprinkling had been bestowed on his pictures; then the priest said that it was the custom and that it was his duty to do so, that he was doing good, and that whoever did a good deed might expect a return as good and better; for so God had promised that every good deed that was done on earth shall be rewarded a hundredfold from on high. Then the painter, having waited until the priest had walked out, stepped to the window above, and threw a large bucket of water to his back, saying: Here is the reward a hundredfold from on high as you said would come from the good you did me with your holy water with which you have damaged half my pictures (Gelb 18).