What is the difference between Direct Realism and Indirect Realism

Therefore, what we see can't just be a direct representation!
Argument 4: Time Lag
This is a simple argument, light travels at a set speed of 186,000miles/second.

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Rather, a price realism evaluation involves an assessment of an offeror’s low fixed price to determine whether the low price reflects a lack of understanding of contract requirements or risk inherent in its approach--precisely what the agency did here.

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The agency’s defense reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of what a price realism analysis entails.
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The agency responds that it was not required to perform a price realism evaluation under the terms of the RFP and that it was not necessary for it to perform what it describes as a ‘full’ price realism evaluation.

It treats states as the primary unit of analysis

More specifically, the agency has not shown that it ever determined that there really was no substantial difference in the wage rate component of the burdened rates, and that the apparent difference was explained, for instance, by a substantial disparity in the two firms' indirect rates.

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The agency never determined that this explanation was unpersuasive or unrealistic in any way, and even now has not established that there was reason to question the basis for MH's indirect cost approach.

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While CTA maintains that the Army should have considered other indicia of the labor market which suggested that CTA's labor rates were not unrealistic—specifically, the labor rates of CTA's subcontractors, which were only somewhat higher than those used by CTA--we have no basis to conclude that the labor market research performed by the Army, which considered a wide range of labor rates, was inherently unreliable, unreasonable, or otherwise improper.