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During the holy month, Muslims throughout the United Kingdom will engage in fasting, and not inform their doctors of the dietary choices that are making at the time. Studies published in the Keele journal entitled Health Expectations, has uncovered that Muslims that have diabetes will choose not to tell their GPs of their dietary choices, until the holy month has completed. Doctor Patel, a leading author informed DW that there are a lot of people that are afraid of speaking with their doctors or nurses about how to manage their diabetic conditions.

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People in the beginning stages of the condition, do not experience any symptoms. However, the level of sugar in their blood varies. When an individual’s sugar levels become exceptionally high, this means that they are on the brinks of developing diabetes. Roughly five to ten percent of people that are in the pre-diabetic state will go on to develop type-2 diabetes, within a year of the initial diagnosis.

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Unfortunately, this increase is not anything new. In an investigation that was performed in 2010, it was revealed that there were over one million Britons that were suffering from type-2 diabetes that had not previously been diagnosed. It is expected that the overall cases of diabetes will increase from the three million standpoint that it is at now, to three or possibly more than five million by the year 2030. The vast majority of diagnoses will be people suffering with type-2 conditions.

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There is a balance that needs to be obtained when it comes to giving patients certain medications, which are required to give an individual a longer lifespan. If the medications that are being prescribed to help control the condition, cause negative side effects that can impact an individual’s way of life in a negative manner, giving the individual medications to control the condition, so they can live longer, may be the wrong thing to do. The study concentrates on looking at each patient’s individual needs, when dealing with type-2 diabetes, instead of adopting a blanket style approach, where one solution is supposed to work for everyone.

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Understanding what the condition is, can help people understand the reasoning’s why certain medications may not be working correctly for them. Type-2 diabetes is a condition when an individual has an inability to properly control their blood sugar levels. The condition is directly linked to the lifestyle choices that an individual makes. Choices such as their diet, as well as increased cases of obesity, have helped to make this condition fairly common, amongst adults all across the globe.

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After the discovery that an extremely high number of people are suffering from pre-diabetic conditions, Abi Jackson launched an investigation that looks at the reasoning’s why it is not too late for action to be taken. Major new research has caused the subject of Type-2 diabetes to become a headliner again.