to help your mother get over whatever you did

Thank you for demanding greatness from this post – it is outstanding!
What you say about fighting for your ideas has really encouraged me – this is how I feel and now you have helped me be unashamed about it. Thanks again, Jon!

Wow! Can you say wake-up-call? Thank you Jon and I bow to your Mom as the Mother of All Mothers.
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Thank you Jon. My son Alex just turned 7 last week and he has SMA Type I/II – it’s hard to say for sure since they keep changing the guidelines :). But you are so right, we have to fight for everything because life is worth it. Our goal is to give him the best life possible no matter what anyone tells us. You are a true inspiration. I will make sure Alex hears of your story. Your mom is a wonderful person.

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God bless your Mother for fighting for her belief and god bless you for showing the world that her faith did not go unwarranted.
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Few of the scientists I interviewed had much doubt that the Western diet was altering our gut microbiome in troubling ways. Some, like Blaser, are concerned about the antimicrobials we’re ingesting with our meals; others with the sterility of processed food. Most agreed that the lack of fiber in the Western diet was deleterious to the microbiome, and still others voiced concerns about the additives in processed foods, few of which have ever been studied for their specific effects on the microbiota. According to a recent article in Nature by the Stanford microbiologist Justin Sonnenburg, “Consumption of hyperhygienic, mass-produced, highly processed and calorie-dense foods is testing how rapidly the microbiota of individuals in industrialized countries can adapt.” As our microbiome evolves to cope with the Western diet, Sonnenburg says he worries that various genes are becoming harder to find as the microbiome’s inherent biodiversity declines along with our everyday exposure to bacteria.

I looked at some pictures today of the campus at good ole’ F.U

In this post, you have spelled out your personal courage and drive to live a worthwhile life. You and your mother have worked for not only life but excellence and achievement.

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I’m so taken by your story…..your mother reminds me so much of my sister. My niece, Brianna, is 6 years old, and she too, has SMA. This has devastated our family. Brianna is such a joyful child, depsite her problems. She has never taken the much taken for granted steps..yet she is such an upbeat and way beyond her years child. I give all the credit to God, and my sister….who will never give up. I am so amazed at her courage. She is such a strong soul and I love her so much…I want to take away all her pain but there is nothing I can do, except pray that there will be a cure. I love Brianna and my sister so much..please..we need everybody’s prayers!!!!!

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I’m on vacation and am having a tough time with some things and having trouble working on some ideas and some personal work…i was secretly looking for a spark and I am in debt of gratitude towards you for what you have to say about fighting for your own self!
Thank you in truckloads for sharing!

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Jon, I’ve read a gazillion posts and yours is the only one that brought tears to my eyes. I dare say that your post made EVERY mom proud. Dad’s, too. Your post has raised the bar HIGH for anyone that dares to call themselves a writer. Write big or go home! Your post inspired me so much that I finally went to Twitter and figured out how to tweet just so I could retweet your post. Imagine my newbie-horror when Twitter went down a minute later. I thought, crap, I broke Twitter. Then I realized that it was a sign from the writing gods that I should get my ass off Twitter and go write something. I stopped here first though to thank you, but I have to go now before the gods take out Copyblogger, too 🙂 Thank you for the ass kicking Jon — I needed it, and judging from the comments above, so did a lot of others. Have a great one!