Rationality, human nature, and society in Weber's theory

Weber first observes a correlation between being Protestant and being involved in business, and declares his intent to explore religion as a potential cause of the modern economic conditions....

Introduction This report is focused on the investigation of Max Weber’s (1978) bureaucracy.
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I shall argue that a change of paradigm to the theory of communication makes it possible to return to the undertaking that was interrupted with the critique of instrumental reason; and this will permit us to take up once again the since neglected task of a critical theory of society." p.386.

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One of the aspects of bureaucracy is that it creates fixed division of labor....
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Karl Marx is notable for his extensive works on this questions, and his theories have been an informative source for many researchers to understand the process of social stratification and class conflicts.

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He wrote the first scientific treatise in the field of sociology; and he published three autobiographies, each of which contains insightful essays on sociology, politics and history....

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Max Weber defined the characteristics of a bureaucracy as the following: there must be a hierarchy of authority that has several levels each controlled by the one above them, each position is divided with no overlap of duties or responsibilities, there must be formal rules and procedures, the work environment must be impersonal and employment decisions must be based on technical qualifications (Stillman, 2010; Stohr & Collins, 2014)....

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As Weber points out there is rationalisation performed on representations with abstract concepts and on the other hand there is the practical goal attained by 'precise calculations of adequate means'.

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In the 1880's, Max Weber combatted that document in his own "Class, Status and Party." Karl Marx believed that social standing or rank was based solely on class position....

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Marx and Weber also had much to say about the modern world economy, both delved into religion, and most obviously of all each of these men tried to answer the question of how civilization got to where it is, and where it would go from there.