These native groups were arranged into tribes and nations.

Samantha and Pierre look at each other "Look my pets. We can't take you with us to our 'Dolcett clubs' -they are awfully expensive-, but you'll have a good time with us from now on. And knowing our guests I can promise you a lot of 'fun and games' while they are here. Will you promise?"

In the years that followed, settlers forced the Native Americans further and further west.
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A man, naked except for platform shoes, white bull-like headdress and belt with a long tail hanging from it, enters stage. Enormous, testicle shaped, compressed air containers hang between his legs and he wears a thick artificial penis. Nearing the blonde, he fiddles controls in his belt and his phallic device increases in size.

Native Americans were expected to fail; not matter what they did....

While some think that the beneficial far outweighed the harmful, the Natives were being harmed.
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Marie's head looks at us with a silly grin while we enjoy her sweet meat and many other delicious side dishes, all washed down with a heady red wine. I get a roasted foot and ma soeur enjoys tender buttock -with the Chef's compliments."

"A movie Mumtaz. The one we have not yet seen. Hurry up!"

'DWCL' has offices all over the world. It also promotes, and generously funds, 'Dolcett clubs' worldwide. 'Dolcett clubs', named after a cartoonist famous for his extremely erotic, woman eating drawings, are non profit associations dedicated to the enjoyment of cannibalism. Members pay a fixed amount weekly towards the celebration of two or three annual cannibal feasts. Girls are obtained by lotteries -with survivor prizes-, volunteers or -where allowed- direct purchase. 'Dolcett clubs' repay 'DWCL' generosity by doing their best to provision its cruises with girls when they touch local ports.

"But where will we find the ingredients? And the oven?"

The most famous 'DWCL' cruise ships are the nuclear powered, 'Karyn Aites' and 'Merideth'. They sail continuously around the world. A 'DWCL', two months, round the world tour is indeed expensive but, if you can afford it, worth every single penny!

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The 'Karyn Aites' circumnavigates the world three times yearly. It offers the 'Meats Of The World Tour'. The challenge of this tour is to offer the passengers a taste of exotic girl meat worldwide. The tour is considered less than successful if more than one tenth of the consumed girls come from the crew.

We would reward people decades after they were employed

Native peoples have had to use and balance their ‘historical agency,’ or the ability of a people to affect the world around them throughout history, against the ‘structural forces’ set up by outsiders and foreign governments, which seek to limit their impact on the wo...