INTAKE It was a dark and stormy night

In February 2017, Sodalicio's website published a report that says Daniels "has been accused of sexual abuse of at least twelve young men", but according to witnesses, there are more victims who have not reported it. The document is the result of an investigation carried out by international experts commissioned by Alessandro Moroni, who is listed as Superior General of Sodalicio on the organization's website.

Warsaw Uprising: My Warsaw Madness

“I tried to figure out how I could get back home for a few days. When our company's commander asked who has enough hens to furnish 100 eggs for the Easter breakfast, I lied and got a 4-day vacation. I collected the eggs from our neighbors. In the village they caught a Russian prisoner, who escaped a camp. They forced him to run barefoot in the street, beating him with batons. At that time there was an instruction how to treat 'sub-humans'. My mother gave him a pair of shoes and some butter. Our neighbors reported this and we didn't receive coupons for butter or shoes."

Virginia witness describes silent triangle - MUFON

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Of a neighbour, or of any man whatever, either secretly by private slanders, whispers, backbiting and tale bearing, by innuendos, detracting from his good name and credit, suggesting things false and wicked concerning him; or publicly in a court of judicature, bringing a false accusation, laying a false charge, and bearing a false testimony against him: or "thou shall not receive a false report" (p); if there were not so many, that say, Report, and we will report it, that are ready to receive every ill thing of their neighbours, there would not be so many that would raise such ill things of them; everything of this kind should be discountenanced, and especially by judges in courts of judicature, who are chiefly spoken to and of in the context; these should not easily admit every charge and accusation brought; nor bear, or endure a false report, as the word also signifies, but discourage, and even punish it: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness; which is not a gesture used in swearing, such as with us, of putting the hand upon a book, which did not obtain so early; nor is there any instance of this kind in Scripture; the gesture used in swearing was either putting the hand under the thigh, which yet is questionable, or lifting of it up to heaven; but here it is expressive of confederacy, of joining hand in hand to carry on a prosecution in an unrighteous way, by bearing false testimony against another; and such were to be guarded against, and not admitted to give evidence in a cause, even a man that is known to be a wicked man, or to have been an unrighteous witness before; on the one hand, a man should be careful of joining with him in a testimony that is unrighteous; and, on the other hand, judges should take care not to suffer such to be witnesses.