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This was particularly true for most Jewish scientists, and there were a lot of
them, including Oppenheimer. Many of them were refugees from Hitler, whose
friends and relatives had suffered hideously at his hands, and who harbored
precious little affection for the Nazis. They had a vindictive and even barbaric
compulsion to complete the project in time to bomb Germany. Of course, this
never happened and when we finally had a couple of bombs to drop, Germany
had surrendered.
Trying to throw a little logic into this emotionally supercharged equation, I
might say that even if we had finished in time to drop a couple of bombs on
Germany, it’s far from clear it would have made any real difference on the
outcome of the war. By this time, the allied bombing and shelling of German
cities had reduced most of the country to rubble and it was just a matter of time,
a very short time, before the Nazis would have given up. It had become clear to
practically everyone but Hitler that the jig was up. Most Germans were in no
mood to fight to the bitter end, as many were predicting the Japanese would do.
So what might have happened if the atomic bombs that burst over Hiroshima
and Nagasaki, had landed on Zilchburg and Hinkledorf? I’d say: What
Undoubtedly nuclear bombing Germany would have made many scientists
at Los Alamos, especially the Jews, including myself, deliriously happy....

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I have quoted chiefly Luther's own words, and have shown his character as I believe it was. To my mind this is the infinite tragedy of Luther and Germany, that he himself believed in his manias, in his mission from God, in his replacing Christ—and that his countrymen believed it, too. Who will ever decide whether a country produces her outstanding men, or whether these outstanding men have a revolutionary influence on their country? In Luther's case probably both are true. Nowhere else but in Germany, which was not yet as civilised as the Latin countries, could a man like Luther have been born and bred. And nowhere else could a man like Luther—hysterical, irrational, irreligious—have been followed by the whole nation for centuries. A nation which found it easy to accept a character like Luther as Christ, could not find it difficult to accept a man like Hitler as Messiah.

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The only witness to identify "Hitler's body" was a Russian diplomat who had previously met the Führer once. No German witnesses ever saw and identified the body supposed to be Adolf Hitler but it certainly wasn't because of a shortage of potential witnesses.
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I am indeed, more than sympathetic towards anybody who is in Hitler's prisons. But my sympathy goes rather to the Jews and Socialists, Communists and pacifists who suffer for the convictions—and not to people like Niemoeller, who encouraged all these atrocities from the pulpit for many years. Moreover—and this is really the cardinal point—whatever our human sympathy for people like Niemoeller might be, have they really proved by their past that we can trust them, that we can safely collaborate with them and accept their words, their Christian faith in our sense?