Progress In War Seems To Be Outpacing Efforts For Peace

Another reason to differentiate between proportionality adbellum and in bello is that the relevant comparatorschange for the two kinds of assessment. In a loose sense, we determineproportionality by asking whether some option is better than doingnothing. The comparator for assessing the war as a whole, then, isnot fighting at all, ending the war as a whole. That optionis not available when considering particular actions within thewar—one can only decide whether or not to perform thisparticular action.

It contains an ancient temple which seems to be one of the last ..
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Of course, one might think that in virtue of their altruisticself-sacrifice, just combatants are actually the leastdeserving of the harms of war (Tadros 2014). But, first, warfare isnot a means for ensuring that people get their just deserts. Moreimportantly, given that their altruism is specifically intended todraw fire away from their compatriot noncombatants, it would beperverse to treat this as a reason to do precisely what they aretrying to prevent.

And a harmful option can be permissible only if all the harm that ..

It would be incumbent upon any Christian who had the opportunity to stop the madman to do so, using any means necessary, including violence.
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troops in the disputed territory and provoking hostilities. As he explained in a speech on January 4, 1848, “I opposed the war then [at the outset] not only because I considered it unnecessary, and that it might have been easily avoided; not only because I thought the President had no authority to order a portion of the territory in dispute and in possession of the Mexicans to be occupied by our troops .

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Contemporary governments similarly call armed opponents by labels such as "terrorists" or "rebels." They refer to their fighting troops as "soldiers," while their enemies are merely "gunmen," or perhaps "guerrillas." The fact that "guerrilla" literally means "warrior" does not preclude its pejorative use on the lips of existing governments.

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In order to keep the idea of a just cause from being a meaningless mantra, theologians must insist that the only just cause for war is actual self-defense.

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Having decided that only an international body like the United Nations can be considered a legitimate authority that is authorized to declare war, the next step is obvious: do away with the concept of international war altogether.