Wells and George Pal than either of those Cold Warinfluences.

More thanfour times as many, for instance, as went into "When Worlds Collide."Actually one half of the final completed picture which you see on the screenconsists of some form of special effects created by our exceptional departmenthere at Paramount Studio.

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Filmed in magnificent three-strip technicolor, the $2,000,000 film proved that "a special effect is asbig a star as any in the world," as George Pal later said of the successof

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Word of thefallen meteor is sent to three Pacific Tech scientists fishing in the area.
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Wells classic, "War of The Worlds," but inasmuch asnone of us connected with it have been dodging any verbal tomatoes since, Itake it that the audiences approve.

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Wells was to use several variations on the end of the world theme inhis works: (a collision between a heavenly bodyand the Earth), (a massive explosion), and (the descent to Earth of Angels to establish theKingdom of God).

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Their words of welcome turn to screams as the cobra he‑ad turns and dropstoward them, a strange pinging sound preceding the release of a heat ray thatincinerates them.

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You get so wrapped up in your ownparticular problems and your part of the teamwork that by the time the film isin the can, the whole thing is sort of a haze.

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The eerie sound of the Martian's death ray was chords struck on three guitars,the sounds amplified, then played backwards and reverberated.

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Finally they arrived at the unusual conclusion of scraping dry iceacross a contact microphone and combining it with a woman's high screamrecorded backwards.

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For thehorse‑opera, any piece of Western
desert scenery will do; "realism for free" is available tothem.
For science‑fiction films, it's the reward of infinite pains withdetails.