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Since late July [1999], there has been a new flurry of strikes in response to newly vigorous Iraqi challenges."That 8/13/99 New York Times article also supports my statement that all this violence was caused by Clinton’s December 1998 impeachment trial bombing of Iraq: "Iraq has never recognized the zones, but rarely challenged allied patrols of them. After December's raids, however, Saddam declared the zones a violation of Iraq's sovereignty, and his troops have made good on threats to challenge them American and British warplanes respond when challenged The Pentagon says the air strikes are merely defensive responses to the provocations, meant to protect the pilots.

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Every single thing Hillary does appears scripted. And every word and every move is being delivered by a second rate actor. Nothing about her appears genuine. Even if you totally ignore her 30 years of scandals, even if you had no idea who she is, she would come off as if she is being who she has to be for that particular occasion. She's been a politician for entirely too long and she no longer knows exactly who she is.

Much worse, I get absolutely no feeling of warmth or love of country from her. She gives me the very clear feeling that she is doing this because she wants the position, the power, the recognition. She's not convincing me that she's doing it because she wants to help set things right. In fact, she doesn't seem to think there is anything wrong.

Ignore the importance of the position she is seeking and try to picture her at the head of a local PTA or Girl Scout troop. She would be one of those know-it-all, better-than-thou leaders who make every one in the room uncomfortable because of the obvious condescention. She wouldn't be down in the dirt playing with the kids. I can, however, easily see The Donald doing that.

It's easy to take cheap shots at her based on the scandals and the obvious platform differences between the two parties. But, I don't think that's necessary whether it is warranted or not. The way I like to look at people is I try to imagine them suffering a badly broken leg and needs a place to rest up for about a month. Would I be comfortable having them in my home? In this case, I'm positive I wouldn't be comforable because everything about her just strikes me "wrong." I can't put my finger on it, but there's something about her that tells me she's not who she wants us to think she is. And that's just a little scary.

Damn, looks as if I wrote a blog after all. Sorry, didn't mean to rant. bd

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Thank you! I completely agree. People need to stop arguing because that is exactly why the world is such a cruel corrupted world. Everyone thinks they are right, when in reality THERE IS NO RIGHT. Everything is human construct. Russian, American…IT MEANS NOTHING. So why are we killing each other about such ridiculous things? Everyone needs to just calm the fudge down…