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Another often problematic example occurs when trying toextrapolate information from statistical reports where externalfactors play an important role, yet aren't accounted for. Any amountof research concerning victimization is bound to run into strange andmisleading numbers.

Amartya Sen calculated that between 60 million and 107 millionwomen are missing worldwide.
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On days of complete abstinence (such as all Fridays), meat and soup or gravy made from meat (or anything made from meat) may not be taken at all under pain of mortal sin.

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After the court grants you any kind of restraining order, makesure your attacker gets a copy of it as soon as possible. She doesnot have to obey an order she has not received. The law requires thateither you or your attorney insure that a copy is delivered to yourattacker. You must ask a friend or other person who is over 18 yearsold to deliver it or arrange through an attorney or the sheriff's orMarshall's office to have it delivered. The court will also order thecounty clerk to mail a copy. Also make sure you give a copy to yourlocal police and keep a copy for yourself. If you live and work intwo different counties, give a copy of the restraining order to eachpolice station. If you are having trouble finding your wife orgirlfriend to give her a copy of the restraining order, ask the courtif you can have an extension on the order.

1. Protection from the immediate danger.

Indeed,St. Francis de Sales’ words about the evil occupation ofgambling applies to those who take vain pleasure inpro-sports matches, games and teams:

2. Mediation between you and your attacker.

It's ironic. Most of the adult men who have been victims of aphysically abusive wife, that I have talked to, stay in therelationship, not because they love their wives, but also to protecttheir children. They are often the butt of the violence because theystand between the wife and child. These men are caught in a doublebind. The courts tend to prosecute men for not reporting their wivesbefore they prosecute the abusive wives. And, if the men do reporttheir abusive wife, in more cases than not, all the wife does isclaim he was abusive to her and they lock him up on her word, leavingthe children with the abusive mother. And, if the man removes thechildren from the violent home, they'll more often be charged withkidnapping when little is done to the woman who removes the childrenfrom the state. When we talk about it the police and press see us ascomplainers and turn the guilty mother free to abuse again. What doesthis say to the children? Is it best for the child to be placed backin the home with the abusive mother? We've got to recognize themagnitude of violence, regardless of where it comes from, and takesome drastic steps to make the world safe for children. Otherwise, itwon't be long before the world won't be safe for any of us. Thinkabout it.