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During the Cold War period, the South Koreans, the Taiwanese and the Western Europeans, all depended on the military might of the United States to preserve their freedom.

1. Ready to end the invasion of South Vietnam advocated by the Lao Dong Party.
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Chinese historian Chen Jian wrote “Although Beijing’s support may have fallen short of Hanoi’s expectations, without the support, the history, even the outcome, of the Vietnam War might have been different.” A quote on the Chinese advisory effort, from NVA Colonel Bui Tin, provides illumination.

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Again: In Vietnam no US Army unit, of any size, much less a regiment, ever surrendered.
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- PresidentJohnson delivers his Speech at Johns Hopkins University offering Hanoi "unconditionaldiscussions" to stop the war in return for massive economic assistancein modernizing Vietnam. "Old Ho can't turn that down," Johnsonprivately tells his aides. But Johnson's peace overture is quickly rejected.

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All parties must now see to it that this is a peace that lasts, and also a peace that heals, and a peace that not only ends the war in Southeast Asia, but contributes to the prospects of peace in the whole world.

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I have asked for this radio and television time tonight for the purpose of announcing that we today have concluded an agreement to end the war and bring peace with honor in Vietnam and in Southeast Asia.

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The United States has responded to the appeals of the Government of the Republic of Vietnam for help in this defense of the freedom and independence of its land and its people.

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Our military and economic assistance to South Vietnam and Laos in particular has the purpose of helping these countries to repel aggression and strengthen their independence.

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Horster does not blame the television media 100 percent, he suggests that it “needs to be aware of the responsibility that it brings, rather than how it will affect their ratings.” He also resents television for stereotyping Vietnam veterans.