Discussion/Question Why did the US not join the league of nations

During the 1920s, the League enjoyed some influence through its role on issues such as the fight against opium trafficking, humanitarian assistance to children, and international trade. The Great Depression modified the political climate and the ensuing crises proved a formidable challenge for the League. It failed to stop Germany’s re-armament or to impose sanctions on Italy when it invaded Ethiopia. It was completely disregarded during WWII. The League of Nations was officially dissolved on April 18, 1946, to be replaced by the United Nations.

The United States shall not be obligated to contribute to any expenses of the league of nations…
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It also undermined the terms of the Treaty of Versailles as Germany could increase its armament and train military staff in the USSR without the League knowing.

Should US have approved of the League of Nations? - Yola

We have joined in alliance with all the European nations which have thus far joined the League and all nations which may be admitted to the League.
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In 2009, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Susan E. Rice, “The United States will lead in the 21st century — not with hubris, not by hectoring — but through patient diplomacy and steadfast resolve to strengthen our common security by investing in our common humanity.”