The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted by the …

In this groundbreaking new policy report on the UN human rights petitions system, Marc Limon offers a first-ever comparative analysis of the visibility, accessibility, responsiveness and effectiveness of all the main international communications procedures (i.e. those provided by the Special Procedures and the Treaty Bodies, and by the Human Rights Council through its Confidential Complaints…

2 Each one of the Human Rights enunciated in this declaration carries a corresponding duty.
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Global human rights crises and concerns are never far for the front pages of the world’s major newspapers, nor far from the screens of our TVs and iPads. Yet this…

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by Emilie Filmer-Wilson, Human Rights Adviser, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
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It is lengthy anddetailed, perhaps because human rights are rarely at suchrisk as during war and, in particular, involving prisoners ofwar or enemy captives.This convention .

UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Do hereby, as servants of Allah and as members of the Universal Brotherhood of Islam, at the beginning of the Fifteenth Century of the Islamic Era, affirm our commitment to uphold the following inviolable and inalienable human rights that we consider are enjoined by Islam.

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a) Every persecuted or oppressed person has the right to seek refuge and asylum. This right is guaranteed to every human being irrespective of race, religion, colour and sex.

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A linked summary of the document will be written in the next few weeks. The Charter of the United Nations contains some important human rights provisions, in addition to containing the frameworkfor the organization as a whole.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations is a symbol of the …

i) wherein all human beings shall be equal and none shall enjoy a privilege or suffer a disadvantage or discrimination by reason of race, colour, sex, origin or language;

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If the 2030 Agenda is to be realised in a way that truly does ‘leave no one behind,’ then human rights obligations and commitments must be applied, implemented and protected…