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Police deny the allegation, saying Furmanyuk's injuries resulted from a street brawl.

According to Furmanyuk, who runs a news website devoted to exposing crime and corruption in the Donetsk region, police arrived at the scene after one of the strangers telephoned friends working in the police force.

He says the police immediately handcuffed him, his brother Anton Furmanyuk, and their two friends, Yevhen Demchenko and Roman Samoylov.

"They came up and immediately began handcuffing us, they said they were going to take us to the Kalininskyy district police station," Furmanyuk says.

"They put handcuffs on Yevhen and on my brother, but Roman and I resisted, we asked on what grounds this was happening."

Furmanyuk says the officers pinned him to the ground before kicking him and beating him with truncheons.

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As far as I can judge, people are almost as receptive to propaganda today as they were under the USSR. I don’t think that all youth, or even MOST youth have been turned into “zombies.” My friends and I at least try to stay way from blatant officialdom. I have not noticed a generational conflict. At least one thing from modern history unites us. I remember fairly well my impressions from childhood (in about 1992-94). It was if we were hanging on the edge on an abyss. I think everyone had a similar feeling then. So, there is not much cause for conflict.
-anton_shaitan (Anton, 22, student, assistant to the director of the TNK (Tyumen Oil Company), Samara – Kursk – Moscow)

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