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Despite Phyllis' continually "just friends" posture, she enjoyed a surprise Valentine's evening candlelight dinner and dancing with Jack at Abbott manor. She eventually ended up in bed with Jack, still protesting that she was toxic, not good for him or anyone. Jack named the newest Jabot fragrance, Scarlet Mist, in honor of Phyllis. Jack admitted to Phyllis that he was falling in love with her again, and they planned a trip together to Istanbul. Ashley came to town to attend Victor and Nikki's wedding, which she missed while lecturing Jack about her disapproval of him getting involved with Phyllis again. Phyllis pointedly reminded Ashley that she was the one who stood by Jack and nursed him through his detox, not Ashley. Jack took Phyllis for a relaxing romantic trip to Istanbul, and finally talked her into moving in with him. Summer approved, hoping it would mean that she could live where Kyle lived, at Abbott Manor. Claiming to want to be close to Phyllis and put off by Avery's presence in Nick's life, Phyllis asked Jack if Summer could move in too, and he reluctantly agreed. But Phyllis was livid to return to news from Avery that Avery and Nick were engaged.

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The discovery that Diane Jenkins' baby, Kyle, was fathered by Jack's stored sperm was the turning point for the happy couple when Nikki finally disclosed to Jack he already had the baby he'd always wanted to raise in Kyle. Phyllis was torn between supporting Jack as he sued for sole custody of his son, and wanting the scheming Diane out of their lives. Phyllis went to her friend and former lover Michael Baldwin, for help, but she refused his suggestion to throw the case by her testimony. Diane also went to Michael to represent her on the case. Torn between two friends, Michael decided to bow out and let female lawyer Sydney handle the case. Once Phyllis was on the witness stand though, Michael knew he had to take over the questioning and save both of his friends. He badgered Phyllis about her former life and being declared an unfit mother until she broke down and blew the case. Phyllis was furious with Michael when Jack lost custody, but Diane would keep her child, and Phyllis would be free from Diane. But Diane, plotting to get Jack by using Kyle, moved into the Abbott pool house. Phyllis and Diane began playing tricks on each other; Phyllis made sure the pipes broke and flooded the guest room when Diane threatened to move inside the house, and Diane assured her stay in the pool house with a broken leg by jumping behind Phyllis' SUV as Phyllis backed up. Phyllis walked out when Jack wouldn't take her side, but she returned with new ground rules to which Jack agreed; Diane must not enter the main house, and Jack and Phyllis would spend time with Kyle together, without Diane.

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Jack became suspicious that something was going on between Phyllis and Billy, so Jack asked Phyllis if she was drawn to his brother. Phyllis said yes, but it was just because they came from similar circumstances of always being the screw-up. Phyllis became doting and loving toward Jack, trying to make up for the fact that she had given in and slept with Billy. She attempted to admit it and beg forgiveness, knowing that Jack would somehow find out, but could not do it. Meanwhile Billy kept making advances, and they eventually resumed their affair. Phyllis was obviously torn between being drawn to Billy and her love for Jack. But Billy and Phyllis kept up the affair, while Jack was continually being sweet and understanding. Jack arranged a getaway for the two of them. Phyllis guiltily refused to go, then spent the weekend with Billy. Jack and Phyllis went to the Abbott cabin to celebrate his birthday. Jack kept pushing her to make love, but everything Jack said reminded her of Billy, so she got drunk to avoid it. Jack left for home and Phyllis stayed. Billy found out from Jack and joined her, suggesting they run away together. She asked Billy to leave, that she needed to be alone to decide what to do. Ian Ward suddenly broke in with a gun pointed at his hostage, Nikki. He made Phyllis tie her up, and he tied up Phyllis. Ian made Nikki call Victor to transfer 5 million dollars to his offshore account. While Ian was quieting Phyllis, Nikki told Victor where they were. Victor showed up and convinced Ian to let the women go. Phyllis arrived at the Athletic Club and fell into Jack's arms rather than Billy's. The police captured Ian as Victor held a gun on him.