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In every part of the South, during theReconstruction period, schools, both day and night,were filled to overflowing with people of all ages andconditions, some being as far along in age as sixtyand seventy years.

Solomon was sold and transported to Louisiana where he spent twelve long years ..

This poor woman's case was a very distressed one; she had been attended with an issue of blood twelve years; it was an uncommon flux of a long standing, was inveterate, and become incurable; though she had not been negligent of herself, but had made use of means, applied herself to regular physicians, had took many a disagreeable medicine, and had spent all her substance in this way; but instead of being better, was worse, and was now given up by them, as past all cure.

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For twelve long years he experienced the cruelty and subjugation that was slavery

It is therefore not only one of the longest North American slave narratives, but also one of the best-selling. The first two chapters of Twelve Years a Slave relate the Northup family history, Solomon's marriage to Anne, his employment as a raftsman, a farmer, and a fiddle-player, and his abduction.