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A few years back I attended a college ministry retreat, the Harvest Institute, and that’s when I first heard about Jim Munroe’s creative show the MAZE, which tours across universities around the country sharing both illusion and truth. Jim shared his story with us of facing serious illness and skepticism and overcoming the loss of a close friend. Below in a video from I Am Second, Jim recounts part of his journey:

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People want to believe in an all-powerful God, but they also want to believe that they are in control or have a free will. It is another mind game. God/life is in control of everything all the time, no matter what you think.

All I want to learn is how to think like God thinks.
Albert Einstein

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth. Matthew 6:10

It is easy to believe you are in control. After all, you do whatever you want. The truth is that you want to do something because something in your environment gives you a reason to do it, even if it is your mind.

The environment is everything that isn’t me.
Albert Einstein

In other words, everything outside your spiritual-self, including your mind, is your environment. Your mind was and is created by your genetics and your environment, past and present. Your mind is part of your environment, just as your body is, and it is controlled by the larger environment, directly and indirectly.

You can say lower animals are also in control of what they do and do not do. A bear or wolf can decide what to do from moment to moment, but it is just reacting to what is happening around it. You do the things you do for the same reason a bear or any other animal does what they do.

Humans do the same thing as all other animals, but in a slightly less direct way. Our minds give us a greater awareness of the past and future than lower animals. Thus, we take what we have learned in the past and where we want to go in the future into account when we react to the environment, so we react a little less directly than lower animals when we can.

Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control. It is determined for insects as well as for the stars. Human beings, vegetables or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance. Albert Einstein

As I said earlier, the first big world-changing realization will be when science realizes that evolution being true means we evolved from all lower animals, that we were those animals, that we were dinosaurs, bugs, etc.

The second big realization: Science will realize that Isaac Newton's laws of motion mean that the laws that govern all matter include us, because our bodies are matter. We are not in control; free will is an illusion, a delusion. It is "action-reaction" that causes the motion of all things in the universe, including us. There can be no matter in the universe that is exempt from these fundamental laws of nature. His book explains the laws of motion, and they have proven to be true. That book is the foundation of modern physics. Our bodies are governed by those same laws, because our bodies are matter in the universe. True or False?

Take a closer look at the things you do, and you will see the truth. There is always a reason preceding your every action. From the mind’s perspective, the world is a huge maze. You have choices, but a limited number of them. You always choose what you think is the best one. None of the choices would make any real difference until now. Everyone is playing 'monkey see monkey do' and blindly going around in circles, big and small.

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.
John Lennon

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The Untouched Truth of Illusion | The Psychedelic Grace
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Karma: Most people think that what you do will have an effect on your future life, even after death, that what you do will come back to you, etc. It is not true. Doing something, bad or good, to or for someone, will not create the good and bad in your future life. It is balanced; it just happens no matter what you do. The balance makes everyone’s life fair, just, equal and perfect, but it is not influenced by any actions you take, good or bad. What you do is not up to you; it is not your job. It is God/life’s job. Thank God, God is in control.

The Christian mandate that you forgive those that hurt you, or trespass against you as the Lord's prayer says, is not necessary, because when life is seen truly, you know that no one is doing anything. God is, the balance is, so you do not take it personally. Just as you would not take a shark or bear attack personally or have to forgive the animal that hurt you, you do not do it with humans for the same reason.

People would not be perfectly fair, God is. You can only do one thing that matters, and that is to see the truth and live the life that is being given to you. You are never a victim of anyone. Everything that happens is always God/life creating balance. Your only choice is to see it for what it is, or not see it.

There is occasions and causes why and wherefore in all things.
William Shakespeare

Fate vs. freewill:
You physically are a group of over sixty-trillion living cells that do what they do by themselves. Every second, there are trillions of things happening inside our bodies that keep us from dropping dead, and we have no control over it. Blood is being pumped, cells are being created, hormones distributed; a trillion things out of our control have to happen just for us to digest food, and we are not even aware that it is happening right now.

People are aware of the fact that they are not in control of the inner workings of their bodies, but most people are not aware of the fact that they do not control what is going on outside of them either. Most people believe they are in control, and the exact opposite is the truth.

The dance of life: God/life leads and we follow in the dance of life. In other words, the physical environment does something, and your inner environment (mind) reacts to it.

We are under the absolute control of our environments.

You get hungry you eat, need money you work, the phone rings you answer it, get cold you put on a coat, get hot you take it off, and if you have an itch, you scratch it.

Then there is larger environmental control; where and when you are born, if you are rich or poor, educated, talented, healthy, looks, sex and race, etc.

Check it: The easiest way to check if we are in control or not is to just look for someone that does not die like everyone else. No one beats death, not even the faith healers, and no one wants to die. The fact that everyone dies and in less than a hundred and fifty years tells you with no doubt that we are not in control.

We do not have free will; we have something better. We have God’s will.

Free will or control is an illusion, a deception created by the mind. It is the second greatest deception after the deception that you are your mind. When you wake up to the truth, the first thing you realize is that you are not in control.

You see that the creator and the creation are together in the present.