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Chaos finds this to his liking and expresses he might visit Agrabah someday. From this Mirage gets an idea, and convinces Chaos that Agrabah isn't his kind of town, the people are a bunch of contented cows, a pitiful cliché of a beautiful princess who falls in love with a dashing hero, living happily ever after, a tidy mundane existence living life as expected.

True Love and Chaos is a 1997 Australian film directed by Stavros Efthymiou
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A very moving and evocative look at the complexities of being human. I love that so much of your eloquent writing brings me more insight and understanding of
who you are as your life unfolds. This is a true privilege and honor for a mother. Thank you, Baby Girl

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At the beginning of the game, only two characters can join together in simultaneous combat, but as the game progresses, you can bring in up to four characters at once. And all four of them are ready and rearing to go! This title is entirely single-player, so one person is controlling all four characters, justifying the game's subtitle: it truly is Chaos. Players who have a penchant for action games will be able to perform any combination at any time, and players who don't will learn as they go, improving their skills slowly over time and becoming true masters of the Cross Merge.