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The UN human rights treaties are at the core of the international system for the promotion and protection of human rights. Every UN member state is a party to one or more of the nine major human rights treaties. It is a universal human rights legal system which applies to virtually every child, woman or man in the world.

For assistance in locating the definitions of key terms used in treaties and agreements, see the .

U.S. Senate Web site, , provides the following information: a list of treaties received from the President, treaties reported on the Executive Calendar, treaties approved by the Senate, and listings of other recent treaty status actions, including treaties that were rejected by the Senate or withdrawn by the President, during the current Congress. There is also a link to and to information about the Senate's treaty making power.

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The State Dept. used to issue a weekly newsletter called . It contained a section called "Treaty Actions" which included current information on bilateral and multilateral treaties. This publication ceased in print in 1999 and the monthly information is now available only on the Web (although this information is not always issued monthly). Older editions of the Dispatch are available on the State Dept.'s site or on LEXIS (INTLAW; DSTATE) and WESTLAW (USDPTSTDIS).

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Both LEXIS and WESTLAW contain U.S. treaties and agreements. Treaties can be located in the USTREATIES file on WESTLAW and in US Treaties on LEXIS. Both of these systems have many topical agreements and treaties: major trade agreements (GATT and NAFTA), International Economic Law Documents, and International Environmental Law Documents, and tax treaties.

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(Washington, DC: U.S.G.P.O., 1981-) [Current issues in BSR]. are available on the Web from 104th Congress on. These documents include the text of treaties submitted by the executive branch to the Senate for its advice and consent, together with supporting documentation. are also available through the , (UCB only), CIS publications, LEXIS (US Treaties), and WESTLAW (USTREATIES). Prior to 1979, these documents were called .

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State Department documents, including (Washington, DC: U.S.G.P.O., 1990-1999) [] or international law digests, (Washington DC: U.S.G.P.O., 1861-) []. Some volumes of FRUS are available on the .

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(cited to as I.L.M.) (Washington, DC: American Society of International Law, 1962-) []. Selected treaties appear in full-text, often the first and only place they are published until the treaties come out officially. ILM is also available on LEXIS (INTLAW; ILM) from 1975 on and WESTLAW (ILM) from 1980 to present.

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The adoption of the text of a treaty at an international conference takes place by the vote of two-thirds of the States present and voting, unless by the same majority they shall decide to apply a different rule.