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They were often ill treated, having just arrived from America, and were under constant suspicion by local Nazis and townspeople who could not comprehend why they had returned from America at this time.

Who would have ever predicted what would happen to my family because of that mistake?
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An old uncle had been begging Kasper for years to come to America and take over the uncle’s small farm, which was located south of Spokane in the fertile Palouse country of eastern Washington State.

What have been America's worst travesties against humanity?

Walter served the United States through WWII and the Korean Conflict a total of eight years.
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General George Marshall stated in a 12/12/42 memo to the Caribbean Defense Command: “These interned nationals are to be used for exchange with interned American civilian nationals.” By the end of the war, over 4,050 German Latin Americans were brought to American internment camps.