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With slight modifications of shape in some , the traditional monastic habit of the Benedictines consists of a tunic, confined at the waist by a belt of leather or of cloth; a scapular, originally a work apron, the width of the shoulders, that reaches somewhere between the knees and the hem of the tunic; and a hood (men) or wimple and veil (women) to cover the head. In choir, at chapter, and at certain other ceremonial times, a full, often pleated, gown with long, wide sleeves, called a "" or "cuculla," may be worn by the finally professed over the ordinary habit. The word cuculla comes from the Greek word, koukoulion, for the great habit allowed to be worn after final profession of monastic vows.

Traditional Chinese medical thought believes it is unhealthy to swallow phlegm.
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Most of us don’t think about traditions every day. Usually that word is reserved for special occasions. On a daily basis we think of those same things as habits or routines. Things we do day in and day out without giving it much thought. My wife told me that it takes someone 30 days to make something new become a habit. I think she was trying to get me to change. I lasted 29 days. Habits come in two forms – good habits and bad habits. Hopefully your good ones far outweigh your bad ones.

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In general contemporary urban Chinese society is rather secular and traditional culture is more of an underlying current in every day life.
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Consider the following: , , , . I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to assume you either like these bands or at least are willing to acknowledge them as the ruling class of no-qualifiers indie rock. Now, what if you saw that list on someone’s dating profile? Would you have a positive impression of this person? Conversely, what if a band used that list to point out their primary influences? Would you have a negative impression of this band? Would you consider them frontrunners or unambitious or lacking curiosity? They should at least be able to play the game and acknowledge Berlin-era Bowie or mid-90s Mariah Carey, right? aren’t trying to fool anyone: those are the influences and Ritual Tradition Habit proudly manifests the effect those bands had on the Vancouver quintet. But while Belle Game have taken a lot of cues from the sound of those bands, more importantly, they aspire to the ideal of being a critical and popular darling without sounding cool-- Ritual is unerringly tuneful and tasteful, with confident vocals, meticulous craftsmanship and no fear of being seen as middlebrow. In short, it could’ve come out any time in the past decade and sound just as good as it does in 2013.

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We can choose to nurture and support a just, compassionate, sustainable world for all by taking the time to rethink our traditions, our habits, and what we accept as a “normal” and “natural” part of society.