What is the Total Quality Management (TQM) Approach?

TQM is a management philosophy that is intended to empower every member of the organization. It is intended to promote continuous, sustained, and long term improvement in quality and productivity and to eliminate employees' fear of change. Its basic principle is that the cost of prevention is less than the cost of correction. Bellis-Jones et. al. [] suggests that TQM is not just another management fad; it is capable of delivering real competitive advantage. The TQM approach integrates the fundamental techniques and principles of quality function deployment, statistical control, and existing management tools in a structured manner.

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Total quality management (TQM) is a systematic quality improvement approach for firm-wide management for the purpose of improving performance in terms of quality, produc- tivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability. Since TQM prac- tices have been embraced by many firms around the world for decades, they have earned the attention of many researchers from diverse areas.

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Total Quality Management (TQM) is considered an important catalyst in this context. This is why the TQM concept has captured the attention of all sides of commerce and industry, as well as that of politicians and academics. The large number of articles being published in this area is a testimony to the high level of interest in quality issues. During the past decade, quality improvement has become one of the most important organizational strategies for achieving competitive advantage. Improving the quality with which an organization can deliver its products and services is critical for competing in an expanding global market. TQM begins with the primary assumption that employees in organizations must cooperate with each other in order to achieve quality for the needs of the customer. One can achieve quality by controlling manufacturing/service processes to prevent defects. TQM, however, does not only consist of quality tools and techniques.