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When Dolly the sheep was cloned in 1996, scientists didn’t fully understand how nuclear reprogramming occurred. Today, although some pieces of the puzzle are still missing, scientists know that heritable chemical changes, called epigenetic modifications, greatly influence nuclear reprogramming in SCNT by controlling the activity and expression of certain genes. Most importantly, epigenetic modifications do not change or cause in the sequence itself.

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The U.S. recently announced that products, such as meat and milk, derived from clones of certain species of livestock are safe for us to consume. In fact, the food products from clones and their offspring are biologically the same as the food products derived from animals bred by sexual reproduction.

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Now that safety concerns over the food products of clones have more or less been settled, scientists and farmers need to take a step back and assess the broader implications associated with cloning livestock. Cloning technology has facilitated a number of scientific discoveries, but the cloning of farm animals has serious drawbacks.