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The only instance in which a compact can take placebetween the people and those who exercise the government, is, that thepeople shall pay them, while they choose to employ them. Government is not a trade which any man, or any body of men, has aright to set up and exercise for his own emolument, but isaltogether a trust, in right of those by whom that trust is delegated,and by whom it is always resumeable.

Civilrights are those which appertain to man in right of his being a memberof society.

Taking, then, sixteen for a divisor, thewhole number of persons in England of fifty years and upwards, of bothsexes, rich and poor, will be four hundred and twenty thousand. The persons to be provided for out of this gross number will behusbandmen, common labourers, journeymen of every trade and theirwives, sailors, and disbanded soldiers, worn out servants of bothsexes, and poor widows. There will be also a considerable number of middling tradesmen,who having lived decently in the former part of life, begin, as ageapproaches, to lose their business, and at last fall to decay. Besides these there will be constantly thrown off from therevolutions of that wheel which no man can stop nor regulate, a numberfrom every class of life connected with commerce and adventure. To provide for all those accidents, and whatever else may befall,I take the number of persons who, at one time or other of their lives,after fifty years of age, may feel it necessary or comfortable to bebetter supported, than they can support themselves, and that not asa matter of grace and favour, but of right, at one-third of thewhole number, which is one hundred and forty thousand, as stated ina previous page, and for whom a distinct provision was proposed tobe made.

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It is not originally a thing of itself,but is only the absence of knowledge; and though man may be keptignorant, he cannot be made ignorant.

Of this kind are all those which relate to security and protection. From this short review it will be easy to distinguish between thatclass of natural rights which man retains after entering intosociety and those which he throws into the common stock as a member ofsociety. The natural rights which he retains are all those in which the Powerto execute is as perfect in the individual as the right itself.

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WhenFrance shall be surrounded with revolutions she will be in peace andsafety, and her taxes, as well as those of Germany, willconsequently become less.Your sincere,Affectionate Friend,


9, 1792 When I began the chapter entitled the "Conclusion" in the formerpart of the Rights Of Man, published last year,it was my intention tohave extended it to a greater length; but in casting the wholematter in my mind, which I wish to add, I found that it must eithermake the work too bulky, or contract my plan too much.

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But when principle, and not place, isthe energetic cause of action, a man, I find, is everywhere the same. I am now once more in the public world; and as I have not a right tocontemplate on so many years of remaining life as you have, I haveresolved to labour as fast as I can; and as I am anxious for youraid and your company, I wish you to hasten your principles andovertake me. If you make a campaign the ensuing spring, which it is most probablethere will be no occasion for, I will come and join you.


It is not, and from its nature cannot be, the property ofany particular man or family, but of the whole community, at whoseexpense it is supported; and though by force and contrivance it hasbeen usurped into an inheritance, the usurpation cannot alter theright of things.