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accident, or emergency) the student must provide notification by the end of the second working day after the absence. This notification should include an explanation of why notice could not be sent prior to the class. Accommodations sought for absences due to the observance of a religious holiday can be sought either prior or after the absence, but not later than two working days after the absence.If needed, the student must provide additional documentation substantiating the reason for the absence, that is satisfactory to the instructor, within one week of the last date of the absence.If the absence is excused, the instructor must either provide the student an opportunity to make up any quiz, exam or other work that contributes to the final grade or provide a satisfactory alternative by a date agreed upon by the student and instructor. If an instructor has a regularly scheduled make up exam, students are expected to attend unless they have a university approved excuse. The make-up work must be completed in a timeframe not to exceed 30 calendar days from the last day of the initial absence.7.4 The instructor is under no obligation to provide an opportunity for the student to make up work missed because of an unexcused absence.7.5 See

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For your final essay, you will take inspiration fromNational Public Radio’s (NPR) series entitled, This radio project began in 1950 and is committed to“engaging in writing, sharing, anddiscussing the core values and beliefs that guide their daily lives” (NPR). Youcan find out more about this project and read sample essays at:

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New ULM students are expected to read the selected essays from the NPR “This I Believe” website () and be prepared to discuss them in freshman English and University Seminar (UNIV 1001).