In Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, Ben Loman is that character.

Two references in the quoted passage especially call for explication. The first is "the pure diamond of heart's desire," for it is here that Cabell is most closely like Eddison: hisultimate value is ultimate beauty, forever unobtainable, forever sought. It is perception of that beauty, and the lifelong devotion to pursuing it, despite the sure knowledge that itis unobtainable, that ennobles man. I say "man" advisedly, for--yes, yet again--like Eddison, Cabell embodies that ultimate of Beauty in feminine form. The two themes thatrepresent that quest and that ideal are "the music from behind the moon"--the call that once heard must be forever followed--and Etarre, a personification of ideal Woman. No: not"ideal"--supreme, for Etarre, and the ideal she incarnates, can and usually does bring vast grief to the men who would pursue her, yet pursue her they do, even in full knowledge of thatbanefulness. Here is yet more from the same work:

These characteristics describe him as a tragic hero in Death of a Salesman.

The second half has one flaw in that it explains everything to death, but despite this pandering to brainless audiences, it works nicely and the human, surreal,metaphysical and emotional threads reach an obvious but wonderful climax.

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His grand error of wanting recognition drove him crazy and insane and lead to his tragic death....

An incredibly unswerving movie that tells the tale of a 35 year old man who, for his whole life, has been locked up in a squalid room by his abusive andincestuous mother who convinced him that the air outside is poison.

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Japanese surreal animation that looks at first like a fantasy version of Polar Express, where a kid takes a train ride to the stars, but soon turns heavy with Christian symbolism,surreal images, dream-logic, and themes of death.

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It starts with the most filthy apartment you never saw with hundreds of'holy' cockroaches and one insane older woman into cult magic, proceeds through over-the-top grimy and unappealing attempts at pseudo-sex, splashes every minute ofscreen time with more body fluids and other oozing materials than you'd care to see, and builds to extreme fluid-gore, warped body mutations and explosive slime.

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You are never quite sure how much is in the boy's mind, the cinematography and writing drawing parallels and puns between its various themes and plot-lines, whichinclude death, angels, the slow, delicate death of a dream, faith, the evacuation of a town by a troupe of black-clad hired men compared to the evacuation of a young boy'ssoul by a group of lost and quirky angels.

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This pale and veiny creature of the night gets all emotional over death, and lives off fat juicy insects which he grabs with his elongated slithery tongue.

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Cannibal moviesas a rule offer gory, real animal deaths, nudity, nasty human gore, and a plot involving amoral white peoplewho turn into violent animals in the jungle only to rapidly find out that cannibals can easily outdo them in the nasty department.