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Red, green, and orange appear somewhere on their yellow to blue spectrum. Fewer cone cells make their acuity 6 times less than ours and give them about 20/75 vision. And lastly, due to their high concentration of rod cells, they are better equipped to see in the dark and track movement (those of us who have dogs that chase small animals, leaves, and the like already know this!).

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In that very large that I checked out from the library, there was a piece titled From by François Morellet. It was a kind of squared spiral, with yellow in the center going to violet on the outside line. That got me thinking about all the colors in between. The handy Color Schemer came out again. In “Mixer” I chose a yellow and a violet. The default gives you 52 colors, in this case from yellow to violet. I changed that to 21 and this is what I got. Notice that there are lots of browns and some not very interesting colors in the middle of this. Then I happened to notice the drop down menu beside Path. Evidently I’ve never done that before, but there are three choices in all: linear, radial clockwise, radial counterclockwise. The example above with the not-so-interesting colors is the linear path. Left is the radial counterclockwise. When they say radial, they are meaning on the color wheel. Here is the radial clockwise. Both of these schemes are interesting to me, maybe even a little exciting. These color palettes look like they could be for the abstraction book. I love them! After all, they have purple.

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Photos and information about Minnesota flora - Yellow Prairie Violet: slightly irregular solitary ¾-inch flowers with 5 yellow petals and dark lines on the lower petals

Now it is considerd only a variation of this species.Similar Species: Other stemed violetswith yellow flowers include .Roundleaf Yellow Violet () is stemless or has basal leaves only.