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In the 21st century, two of the most accurate and best translations of the Grimms' tales are by and . The Zipes translation, currently in a third edition, includes extra fragments and earlier manuscripts, but many readers prefer Manheim's translations. The choice is aesthetic and should be decided by the individual reader. However, if you are looking for a reliable English translation, I recommend selecting either one or both of these translations.

Grimm's Fairy Tales This book contains 209 tales collected by the brothers Grimm
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The first translation of Grimms into English came as German Popular Tales in 1823, translated by Edgar Taylor and illustrated by . Taylor took great liberties with the text and only offered a selection of tales, not the complete collection published in German.

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Many scholars continued to collect and study folktales between the time of Charles Perrault and the 1800s. They laid the groundwork for the fairy tale renaissance in the 19th century. The renaissance was led by two brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, who solidified the popularity of fairy tale collecting and publishing with their Kinder- und Haus-märchen (Children's and Household Tales) in 1812-15. Today, the Grimms' collection of fairy tales remain popular in countless editions, making it one of the all time bestselling books in the German and English languages. Many of the today's most popular fairy tales come from the Grimms, including , , , , and . The collection also contains tales similar to those recorded by Charles Perrault, especially (like Cinderella) and (like Sleeping Beauty).

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“This is what you must do,” said the wily chief steward. “When you approach the Island of Monkeys and meet some of them, you must try to get very friendly with one. Tell him that you are a servant of the Dragon King, and invite him to come and visit you and see the Dragon King’s Palace. Try and describe to him as vividly as you can the grandeur of the Palace and the wonders of the sea so as to arouse his curiosity and make him long to see it all!”

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The Grimms' collection went through seven editions during their lifetime. The seventh and final edition of 1857 includes 200 numbered stories plus ten "Children's Legends." The brothers edited the tales for subsequent editions after seeing the book embraced by children and adults. Their translators also edited the tales so that many editions of the tales in English, German and other languages are considerably different from the tales originally collected by the brothers. Recommended further reading about the Grimms' collecting and editing methods can be found in by Jack Zipes, edited by Donald Haase, by Maria Tatar and by Maria Tatar. There are many more excellent articles and books about the Grimms, but these are some of the best and most readily available to most readers. D. L. Ashliman also has an excellent section devoted to the Grimms on his .