The war on drugs is a war against the communities

" the then available evidence 'strongly suggested' that the view James F. Byrnes had reportedly urged to three atomic scientists (also in May 1945) was an accurate statement of policy: 'Mr. Byrnes did not argue that it was necessary to use the bomb against the cities of Japan in order to win the war .Mr. Byrnes’ .view (was) that our possessing and demonstrating the bomb would make Russia more manageable in Europe.'"

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Intense indoctrination accompanies the evolution of all imperial soldiers, whether they are American, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, European, etc. During World War II are many instances of the psychological resistance of young men to the horrific barbarities that they inflicted upon the "enemy," whether it was Jewish children, Chinese women, Japanese civilians, Romanis, Slavs, and so on.

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Once again, while there is entertainment value in these elaborate masquerades, they are torpedoed by their grim wartime purpose.
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A few days after securing the beachhead of Peleliu, Sledge was fieldstripping corpses himself when a Marine decided to obtain the gold fillings in the mouth of a fallen Japanese soldier. He put his kabar knife to the golden tooth of the Japanese soldier and drove the point home. It missed, partly because the owner of that coveted tooth was still alive. The blade struck deeply in the Japanese soldier's mouth, and the Marine cussed out the Japanese soldier while he sliced the man's mouth open from ear to ear. He put his boot to the man's mouth and tried again, as blood poured from the soldier's mouth. Sledge had already seen a Japanese soldier's reaction as he killed him, but as that Japanese soldier began gurgling, Sledge shouted, "Put the man out of his misery." Then another Marine ran up and planted a bullet in the Japanese soldier's brain. Sledge saw his pals quickly slip into almost unimaginable barbarity.

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"Not only did waging war against Hitler fail to save the Jews, war itself bought on the Final Solution of the genocide. This is not to remove responsibility from Hitler and the Nazis, but there is much evidence that Germany's anti-Semitic actions, cruel as they were, would not have turned to mass murder were it not for the psychic distortions of war, acting on already distorted minds. Hitler's early aim was forced emigration, not extermination, but the frenzy of war created an atmosphere in which the policy turned to genocide. This is the view of Princeton historian Arnold Mayer, in his book , and it is supported by the chronology - that not until Germany was at war was the Final Solution adopted.

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Germany had few distant lands to plunder, and to the east of it was another empire: the Russian Empire. The Russian Empire spanned northern Asia and bordered Germany. Those realities led Germany to war against the other imperial powers. After the war, the imperial powers humiliated Germany with onerous war reparations and took most of its imperial hinterland. As Johnson observed, a primary effect of World War I, besides stunting Germany's ambition, was making German society more violent. Violence in civil life was unknown in the years before World War I, but one consequence of the war was a generation of men who were intimately familiar with the art of murder.