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When we kill off big cats, wolves, and other wild hunters, we lose not only prominent species, but also the key ecological and evolutionary process of top-down regulation. Restoring large carnivores is essential for landscape-level ecological restoration, as is the restoration of other highly interactive species, and natural processes such as fire and flood.

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We encourage you to read this fictional description of a continent-wide Superstorm in . It is highly conceivable that just such a Superstorm might be created and directed in several areas on earth just before Antichrist makes his "Mother Gaia" balancing proclamation. As you study the "Re-Wilding" USA map, remember this will not occur until after the de-population program has finished killing off 66% of the human population.


As I write, in much greater detail, in my book, Mesob Across America: Ethiopian Food in the U.S.A., nobody really knows how this cuisine emerged because very few written records of dietary habits exist from thousands of years ago.

"Want to know what our coastal barrier islands looked like before postwar development got the best of them? Visit Cape Lookout. It is the closest thing to a seaside wilderness to be found south of Maine ... The legacy of human habitation shapes this landscape today nonetheless. The feral horses on Shackleford Banks eat vegetation such as marsh grass and young trees, stunting plant succession and limiting the island's ecological diversity. The maritime forests that once covered much of the entire Seashore has been reduced to a small remnant near the western end of Shackleford Banks." ["Cape Lookout National Seashore", North Carolina Outdoors, ]