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The only clue that you are entering a place with professional athletes training inside is the parking lot full of Range Rovers, BMWs and the sharpest Audis that money can buy.

As athletes arrive and prepare for their therapies or workouts, you won’t find any wrist wrapping or fitting on gloves in preparation for heavy lifting. Instead, they walk down an office hallway dragging roller bags behind them, which contain a small box-shaped device that looks more like a stereo amplifier than a piece of athletic gear.

The device being toted around by the athletes is known as the ARPwave, and it is being used on this day by a half dozen or so professional hockey players, some of whom are rehabilitating nagging injuries, and by others are using it as their sole training regimen for the summer.

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The use of the ARPwave in areas specific to the original injury allowed his body to overcome the compensating muscles.

In the last 12 months we have seen a dramatic increase in growth for Bushido. This has allowed us to actively consider and pursue all of the things we'd like to improve and refine in order to make the game the best it can be, from rules to packaging and many other elements. During this time we have had a change of ownership at GCT Studios parting ways with one of our founders Toby Nathan. This has left myself (Odin Mentlak) and Gordon Cunningham as joint owners of GCT Studios Ltd. This naturally led to an adjustment period for both the company and Gordon and me, in terms of roles and work loads etc. We have tried to make this as smooth a shift as possible for you the players, our retailers and distributors and to a large extent we have managed this.

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The thought of an NHL player rehabbing an injury or working out conjures up images of grinding out the gears on a stationary bike, grunting under a squat rack of weights or pumping bar bells on a bench press.

As you enter the ARPwave facility in Burnsville, Minn., however, the fairly non-descript location resembles a warehouse more than a traditional gym or training facility. And you get your first indication that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill workout center.

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Nobody knows who first thought to teach Bakemono the way of Bushido but some koryu has managed it and now Trak is teaching others. He tries to take all of his training seriously, including the parts about honour and bravery, but being a Bakemono often fails. The Shadow Council may look down with scorn on the principles of Bushido but they choose not to shun the protection Trak and his students’ martial prowess provides.