Confucius said, “There must be a correction of terminology.”

Chinese television drama, particularly the costume dramas set during the dynasty era, has been at the forefront in articulating political and legal principles based on the Confucian influenced traditional Chinese culture. In its effort to engage the audiences who are fed up with rampant political corruption and the society's loss of moral grounding, dynasty drama has presented exemplary emperors of by-gone dynasties. Dynasty dramas are enormously popular among the viewers yet charges of "emperor worship" and "totalitarian nostalgia" have been mounted by some intellectuals. The search for model rulers rooted in Chinese cultural tradition has ignited heated debate concerning the essence and the value of Chinese culture.

The Analects of Confucius e-text contains the full text of The Analects by Confucius.
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FILIAL PIETY, -: Beginning of, ; end of, ; origin of term, ; of Romans and Greeks, ; filial duty, ; lack of self-respect injury to parents, ; detailed statement from the "Li Ki," , ; mutual duties of parent and child, ; effectiveness of, , ; as tribute of gratitude dares not but do his utmost, ; no greater offence than to be unfilial, ; constant requirement of Heaven, ; of all man's actions, none greater than, ; degrees of, , ; nature of, ; son's wealth not his own, ; personal sacrifice necessary even for lowest order of, ; reverence necessary as well as support for physical needs ; true rule of conduct laid down by Confucius, ; errors of father not to be magnified, ; right of son to reprove limited, ; five things recognized as unfilial, ; Shun, filial piety of, ; greatest of unfilial things, ; not more required than one is able to do, ; test of, ; King Wu condemns unfilial behaviour, ; all generous conduct flows from, , ; cannot exist without benevolence, ; son's care for aging parents should be like that of mother, ; son must not go abroad during life of parents,

Confucius was speaking about the evils of Duke Ling of Wei.

LIFE: Not valued above virtue, ; never saw one die "by treading the path of virtue,"
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GOVERNMENT, FOR BENEFIT OF THE GOVERNED, -: When good government obtains, ; people important element, ; government should be fraternal and parental, ; attracts remote people, ; first step in kingly government, ; regulation of livelihoods, ; attraction of, ; centralization of wealth, ; admonition of Mencius, ; a people prosperous or in want, so the king must be, ; responsibility for evil conditions, , ; relation between superiors and inferiors, ; attitude toward guilty, ; attitude toward the aged and the young, ; when right principles prevail, ; requisite for attainment of anti-poverty aspirations, ; how his disciples considered Confucius would govern, ,

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The Analects of Confucius study guide contains a biography of Confucius, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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The Analects of Confucius literature essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of the Analects by Confucius.

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Indeed a revival of Confucian values as the solution to the Chinese state's current lack of guiding ideology is not universally endorsed by China's intellectuals and policy makers. Professor Hu Xingdou, a political scientist at the Beijing Institute of Technology, advocates adherence to more tangible systems of accountability like the rule of law and Western-style democratic elections.

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Hu considers Confucius's doctrine of suppressing one's desire and adhering to a high level of moral etiquette unrealistic in a modern society built upon material gains, and he promotes Western concepts of individual human rights and freedoms, democratic government and the rule of law.