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Through the standards established in each home, energy sustainability is accomplished. The passive solar design reduces energy demand along with the energy-efficient building designs. Each home has photovoltaic systems and will be prepared for the installation of solar power if chosen by the future owner. There is also no net electric for maintenance of public spaces. Lastly, homes will be pre-wired for electric vehicle charging, and the mixed-use and multi-family areas will include charging stations.

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I cannot stress this point enough, everything you see on TV about suburbia has it all wrong. You think you tune in every week to watch their "real" conflicts about love and morals? Amateur hour. You have no idea what it's like to decide between the three cheese or pepperoni Bagel Bites. What it's like to travel to the neighborhood over to visit some Pokestops. When everyone's using the WiFi and Netflix doesn't come in at a crisp 1080p. I guess I just had to sacrifice a little more than others.

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San Diego has a number of different neighborhoods located within its city limits. These neighborhoods vary in atmosphere and offerings, but share one common theme: San Diego's laidback yet vibrant attitude and gorgeous weather. Here's a guide to some of San Diego's most popular urban neighborhoods.