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Sledge and his buddy took over a mortar pit when replacing another mortar crew. The Marine that he replaced did not appear happy to be relieved and told Sledge what had happened the night before. Two Japanese soldiers snuck into the pit and began stabbing the mortarmen before nearby ammo carriers came to the rescue and killed them. One Marine had already died from the ordeal. The Marine left with a warning for Sledge and his buddy to watch out at night for Japanese soldiers sneaking into their pit. Sledge was long since used to the sight of blood, but as he began settling in, the bloodstains in the pit got to him. He tried covering up the Marine blood with scraps of cardboard. He reported that the flies stayed glued to the blood-smeared rock, and Sledge realized how empty a politician’s rhetoric was about young men giving their lives for their countries, as, “only the flies benefited."

The industrialists were to borrow substantial sums from foreign countriesafter the war.
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After World War II ended in 1945 there was still tension between communist and non-communist countries, namely the United States and Russia, then the USSR.

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Richard Cooper wrote that, during the 1960s
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A 1937 State Department report stated that "Fascism is becoming the soul of Italy." The fascist experiment was praised because it "brought order out of chaos, discipline out of license, and solvency out of bankruptcy." The report stated that in order to "accomplish so much in a short time severe measures have been necessary." The State Department in 1937 saw fascism as compatible with the USA's interests. Just as after World War II, the USA would embrace anybody as long as they were anticommunist. While the fascists were merely raping their own people and making the country safe for American investment, the USA's government minimized the suffering of that nation's people and eagerly participated. As with Japan, Germany, and Italy, it was only when they began stepping on imperial toes that it became a matter of war.

How did the Treaty of Versailles establish peace

The sheer number of countries both directly and indirectly involved is enough to pose the question – To what extent was the Cold War a truly Global War.

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The spreading of communism, the craving of world domination countries, and growing tension between North and South Korea were also key factors in why this war started (Clare).

The ideas of Marx have never been more relevant than they are today

Size of Military strength and also the army's reputation for success or failure in wars previously were very important as they determined how powerful the country would be in a time of war....

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This period in Canadian history occurred after the Second World War when millions of men returned home to their families or immigrated to other countries with their war brides.