Generally, people fear what is unknown to them.

He was even taken to Norton and shown the landing site and thebuilding in which the spaceship had been stored and others (Buildings 383and 1382) in which meetings between Air Force personnel and the aliens had been conducted over the next several days.

He calculated that they were flying much faster than any aircraft he had read about.
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In July 1985 Moore and Shandera, acting on tips from their sources,traveled to Washington and spent a few days going through recentlydeclassified documents in Record Group 341, including Top Secret AirForce intelligence files from USAF Headquarters.

Have people actually seen spacecraft from another world.

One of the first people to claim to have been abducted by  where Betty and Barney Hill.
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In 1981 the Lorenzens received an anonymous letter from someone identifyinghimself as a "USAF Airman assigned to the 1550th Aircrew Training andTesting Wing at Kirtland AFB." The "airman" said, "On July 16, 1980, atbetween 10:30-10:45 A.M., Craig R.

The is in one of the major city of USA, Denver.

He grew ever more obsessed and tried to alertprominent persons to the imminent threat, showing photographs which heheld showed human-alien activity in the Kirtland area but whichdispassionate observers thought depicted natural rock formations and othermundane phenomena.

A person purportedly saw an unidentifiable object flying in the air.

In underground bases at governmentinstallations in Nevada and New Mexico human and alien scientists worktogether on ghastly experiments, including the creation of soulless androidsout of human and animal body parts.

On close observation they were found out to be an assembly of UFOs.

When the individual returned the craft took off towards theNW." The letter writer said he had been with Weitzel when the UFO flewoverhead, but he had not been with him to observe the landing.

But the Soviets have all kinds of things we don't know about.

government and malevolent aliens are in an uneasy alliance tocontrol the planet, that the aliens are killing and mutilating not onlycattle but human beings, whose organs they need to lengthen their lives, andthat they are even eating human flesh.

It was like he was weightless"(UFOIL, n.d.).

The letter went on to say that late on the evening of the next day a tall,dark-featured, black-suited man wearing sunglasses called on Weitzel atKirtland.