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This specimen in the Mano Pantea gesture,is covered with several important symbols among which are : a ram's head,serpent, frog, vase, crocodile, turtle, cornucopia, scales, woman with child,table with loaves of bread, and a cane.

Talking back-to dream of someone talking back to author­ity is a symbol of foolishness ..

The right hand is used to symbolize the Hand of Fatima,for it is the hand of honor, in contradistinction to the left, which is the"unclean hand." In most Eastern cultures it is considered rude and inappropriateto give things with the left hand.

Meaning of Chinese names - D ..

It is the name of "hawskill turtle" (turtle is a symbol of longevity).

In the marriage ceremonies and sexual rites of Oriental cultures such asin Tantrism, Yoginis or Shaktis often paint Yantras and other symbolicaldiagrams on the palms of their hands with henna or red dye.