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TO ANYBODY WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH…..does chris’ kids know about this whole thing…im not talking about the divorce but the “other” woman and the baby and the drugs and court orders and all that other stuff….??

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i know that wat im about to say really has nothing to do with the divorce situation but i was reading this poem today and it reminded me of how chris feels over his loss and how -(i wouldnt know this obviously)- his loss is affecting wat he’s doing today…personally i think alot of this does go back to selena and her whole murder…when ppl are bothered by things that they cant help, they try to forget them, and im guessing all the cheating, all the lies, fights, drugs and alcohol are ways to deal with the pain of knowing that selena is the one are of his life that he cant bring back or fix….so here’s a little poem of encouragement…

Nov 09, 2015 · The truth about sexting laws

EVA–this one is for YOU!!!
You wanna talk about TRUTH…you dont know much about it. First what Chris tells you or “your boyfriend” is only one side of the story. Til you hear the other side there is NO TRUTH!! So keep your opinions or “TRUTH” to yourself!! Know that facts before you claim that it is truth. By the way you claim corpus so are you one of the Quintanillas or one of their entourage?

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You people are just sad. MOVE ON!!! I bet Venessa and Chris get a good laugh at how dumb some of you appear on here. How much longer are u people going to try and tear them down? Just like when Selena died. GET OVER IT!! It doesn’t involve you. Talking about them and what problems they may have doesn’t make you cool. No one but those two know the REAL TRUTH and that is the way it should be. Everyone else on here is just retarded. Karma sucks by the way. Try to keep that in mind with your meaningless/hurtful gossip…………losers.