She doesn’t want to break up their family by revealing the truth

At the same time, Ben's father Clyde was busy trying to steal some of Stefano's territory. So, he had planted a bug in the DiMera living room. Through the bug, he learned of Abigail's inheritance in Ireland. He wanted Ben to have a claim to that valuable land as well. So, he presented Ben with a ring (that he said belonged to Ben's mother) and urged Ben to propose to Abigail. Ben did. Abigail told Ben she had to think about it.

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Chad reluctantly agreed to back off. But, he wanted Abigail to be free from Stefano's grasp. So, he called her over and told her in front of Stefano about the land in Ireland. Abigail was moved by his gesture and started to believe that he really did love her. Still, she remained committed to Ben.

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Abigail believed that she and Austin were meant to be together. While ranting to Melanie about her love for Austin, Abigail let it slip that the two of them did not slept together. Melanie urged Abigail to tell the truth. Abigail confessed to Austin that she had made up the whole affair. Carrie, Jack and Jennifer overheard her confession. Carrie slapped Abigail and accused her of ruining Carrie's life. Despite Jack and Jennifer's protest, Carrie insisted that Abigail was an adult and must be held accountable for her actions. Carrie left the Town Square in tears. Austin chased after her. Jack and Jennifer comforted Abigail. She swore that she would never do anything like that again.

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On the night of Sami and E.J.'s engagement party, for which Chad served as best man, Marge Bernardi came into the party and tried to shoot E.J. Chad jumped in front of the gun and took the bullet. Abigail fell down at his side and tried to stop the bleeding with her hands. When Chad was rushed to surgery, E.J. was forced to tell Cameron that Chad didn't have a brain tumor and was not on any type of treatment drugs. Cameron was mad at Chad and urged him to tell Abigail the truth.

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But, Cameron was still keeping a secret from Abigail. He was working a second job as a stripper to make money to pay off one of Celeste's debts. When Abigail found out about it, she was shocked, but more concerned that if Anne Milbauer from HR found out about it, she would have Cameron fired. So, Abigail arranged for Anne to be present on a night when several of Salem's men (Rafe, Cameron, Daniel, and Brady) would strip to raise money for a new wing at the hospital. When the hospital board heard how much money was raised, they dismissed Anne's objection.

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Their affair didn't stop there. After an alive Nick showed up at Arianna's christening, Sami encouraged E.J. to stop Abigail from talking to Hope about Nick's disappearance. So, E.J. followed Abigail into the hospital supply closet where they almost had sex again.

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Her relationship with her father improved as well. He worked with Marlena and a support group to recover from PTSD. Eventually, he was able to open up to Abigail about it and she soon forgave him.