Haganah (Hebrew: הַהֲגָנָה ‬, lit

Alesana introduced universal suffrage to a country where previously only chiefs (matai) were allowed to vote in elections, and in 1991 he extended the term of a government from three years to five.

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In 1893 he was asked to review the sentences of the three living prisoners (four had been hanged) convicted after the Haymarket Riot, a labour protest meeting in which seven Chicago policemen were killed at Haymarket Square on May 4, 1886.

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He and three other leaders of the war of independence were killed while in captivity.Ahmed bin Shekhe Ngome (b.
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According to Arab diplomats, the pro-Soviet Ismail summoned the central committee to an emergency session on June 25 to discuss Sana's charge that Ali was responsible for Ghashmi's assassination; Ali claimed he was framed, but the committee voted 121-4 to suspend Ali from government and party activities pending an investigation; Ali and his three supporters left the meeting shortly after midnight; Ali then ordered the Aden army garrison stationed in barracks near the presidential palace to shell the central committee headquarters; Ismail and the others escaped to a hideout on the outskirts of the city; Ali sent out orders to three other garrisons to march on Aden but the central committee ordered Defense Minister Ali Antar to counterattack; Antar brought out militia forces to seal off the city and ordered the air force to strike at the presidential palace; Antar's militiamen marched on the palace, and shortly before dusk Ali surrendered.