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I have heard first-hand tales about how , and have encountered many other instances of theft, such as the mechanism for intermittent windshield wipers, , etc., while suppressing other innovations, . Automobile companies steal what they can, with kangaroo court and other strategies, and are the world’s most effective practitioners of “planned obsolescence,” where technology is designed to quickly become obsolete, in order to sell the next version of it, keeping the consumer running in a kind of squirrel wheel. The automobile industry epitomized American capitalistic gangsterism.

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As with Perkins, the jackals rarely worked directly for the USA's government, but were “privatized” covert action operatives. Perkins was taught that privatizing covert action had been a trend ever since Kermit Roosevelt, the grandson of president Teddy, while working for the CIA on behalf of Western oil companies in 1953. Being on the government's payroll was problematic, as the Iran-Contra scandal showed. Privatized covert action operatives were much harder to expose and easier to deny, and their activities did not leave the paper trail that government operatives could leave. Privatized covert action was much tidier and could be more effective. Perkins likened the jackals to mafia enforcers, but the jackals serve global corporate empires, not local gangster turf. I had a relative who was a privatized jackal who worked for a household-name “diplomat.” His , and I will not be able to publish his tale for a long time, if ever, for jackal-related reasons.

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Other aspects of the neocolonial banking racket are the "free market" and international exchange rates. The "free market" is a situation where the rich and powerful are "free" to exploit the weak. The industrialized world’s big banks, led by the USA, manipulate exchange rates to where Third World currencies are nearly worthless, so that the peasants have the game rigged against them even more. They have to work harder to pay more to Western banks, because their currencies are artificially deflated against the industrialized nations’ currencies. That is the "free market" at work. The SAP austerity programs kick in, and the nations are forced to abandon "frills" such as minimum nutritional standards, primary medicine and education for their populations. The World Bank has even been behind privatizing public water supplies, which is a practice that recently led to a cholera outbreak in South Africa), of course in the poor black towns. The water supplies of New Jersey were even being privatized as I first wrote this in the summer of 2002.